Welcome to the  Beacon Bar & Kitchen, situated on the banks of the Clyde and looking towards the hills of Argyll & Bute, offering diners possibly one of the most spectacular views on the west coast of Scotland. The Bar & Kitchen serves tea & coffee through the day, as well as lunch & dinner. The chefs focus on using contemporary techniques and their own artistic expression to serve beautiful but often very humble food presented in interesting ways.

Our food

Our food doesn’t fit into any one category or cuisine – it isn’t even fusion food, but this unclassified genre is a good thing. We firmly believe, being outside the bounds of any one category is what allows us to innovate & create without any constraints which can sometimes bind creativity in the kitchen.

We create all our food with the aim to offer the diner not just a delicious meal but also an interesting combination of flavours while keeping a balance of tastes & textures on their plate, which can then lead to what we hope will become a memorable dining experience.

Book Your Table 

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Open from 11am Monday – Saturday

Lunch served 12-3pm

Dinner from 5pm on show nights

Closed Sunday

Meet Our Lead Chef 
Marc Gillan

Tell us about the new menu and the vision behind it…

Our new menu is based around the most common food groups and ingredients but through unconventional cooking techniques and imaginative presentation it takes on a whole new identity. It’s unique to the local area, carefully designed and developed in-house with each of our chefs putting their own stamp on it. We hope to stray away from the norm and develop a new style for the Beacon Bar & Kitchen that appeals to a wider audience, to draw people from Inverclyde and beyond.

Why should people visit the Bar & Kitchen?

It’s not just a great meal or menu we are selling, it’s a dining experience. We want people to visit the Bar & Kitchen, to appreciate and enjoy the food and atmosphere we’re creating and for it to become a place they want to return to time and time again. 

What’s your goal for the Beacon Bar & Kitchen going into 2019?

We aim to erase the past, expand our horizons and reach new levels to become the best dining experience in Inverclyde. We are already looking ahead to what comes next, with seasonal menus on the horizon and a new awareness of our uniqueness to carry forward in our mission to create amazing food experiences.