Bill Smith secures the nets, aboard the ‘Argosy’ seine-net fishing boat in the North Sea, Scotland, February 1995. Photograph by ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert 1995.

Presented in partnership with Street Level Photoworks

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert 

North Sea Fishing

Fri 5 Jan – Sat 17 Feb

An exhibition of black and white images shot aboard the seine net, fishing boats, Mairead and Argosy, in the North Sea in the 1990s. These images, by Scottish documentary photographer Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, capture the reality of the life at sea for the fishermen of Scotland’s North East fishing communities – the cramped conditions, the monotony, and the gruelling work in harsh conditions.

Clydeview Academy Student Photography Exhibition

Mon 20 Feb – Sat 10 Mar

We are delighted to welcome back exceptionally popular exhibition of photography by students of Clydeview Academy. This interactive exhibition showcases the work of the Academy’s talented young photographers with the opportunity to purchase limited edition prints. Student will be exhibiting a selection a selection of their work on themes including landscape, still life and the built environment.

Cedars School of Excellence

Mon 12 Mar – 31 Mar

An exciting exhibition showcasing Advanced Higher, Higher and National level art work by senior pupils from the school as well as innovative fashion design projects using recycled materials. There will also be a wide range of creative artwork from all pupils in P1 – S2. Come and be inspired!

Free entry for all exhibitions.