Earth Tides - Liz Fotheringham

4th Feb – 3rd Mar 2019

Kelana, a McGruer boat built in 1946, won her first race at seventy years of age. Her success inspired photographer, Jo Grant, and poet, Elizabeth Fotheringham, to create an installation which explores the glorious depths of both boat and sea. Kelana’s golden age is not over – she’s merely getting started!

Colour Field - Dario A Sassarini

4th Mar – 29th Mar 2019

Local self-taught artist, Dario Sassarini is attracted to pure colour and Abstract Expressionism to stimulate the viewers gaze.

Through his experimentation with mixed media and extensive use of the palette knife, rather than brush, he displays a thick ‘impasto’ application, reminiscent of the French Impressionists. Influences by Piet Mondrian, Giorgio de Chirico, Claude Monet and Camille Pissarro is shown in his works. Studies of impressions of Greenock and surrounding areas as well as the Ligurian landscape of Italy, with its meandering vine groves and terraced fields are rendered in his works. We are lead to think ‘outside of the frame’ and have an almost ‘sixth sense’ perception of his works.

Artists can make interesting Subjects - Bob Kyle

30th Mar – 27th Apr 2019

In this exhibition Inverclyde Artist Bob Kyle produces a commentary on the figurative and abstract subjects of several prominent artists, including Port Glasgow’s Stanley Spencer, Glasgow’s Jenny Saville, Stephen Conroy and even John Byrne.
Bob works in oils/charcoal and mixed media, creating intimate work for big spaces . (Image: Oil of John Byrne & Stanley Spencer, by Bob Kyle)

Grace Donnelly & Jim Ownens MBE

April 28th – May 19th 2019