by Anne Goldrick

5 – 31 December

Distilling the essence of the landscape and capturing an atmosphere within her paintings is a constant theme in Anne’s work.

Her new work breaks with the notion of the carefully constructed view and instead offers fleeting glimpses and reflections as they may be encountered on a journey through a landscape.

Scale and perspective are repeatedly changing so that one moment a fragment of landscape (heather/grass/rock/stream) is in sharp focus and the next the ‘whole’ (distant field/ streambed / valley /mountain) emerges.

Flickering light and moving shadow draw the viewer in and hint at the rhythm of the journey accompanied by an everchanging horizon.

20:20 Hindsight

by John Dollard

Mon 6  – Fri 31 January

John Dollard is a self-taught artist based in the east end of Greenock.

This exhibition shows a cross-section of his work he has produced over the past five years. The work consists of what he calls ‘Scottish pop art’, as well as local Greenock scenes in various media and scales. This is his first solo exhibition.