James Watt Exhibition

August 23rd – August 25th

Greenock Camera Club

August 26th – September 23rd

Craigmarloch School Exhibition

September 30th – October 11th


By Anne Goldrick

Coming December 2019

Distilling the essence of the landscape and capturing an atmosphere within her paintings is a constant theme in Anne’s work.

Her new work breaks with the notion of the carefully constructed view and instead offers fleeting glimpses and reflections as they may be encountered on a journey through a landscape.

Scale and perspective are repeatedly changing so that one moment a fragment of landscape (heather/grass/rock/stream) is in sharp focus and the next the ‘whole’ (distant field/ streambed / valley /mountain) emerges.

Flickering light and moving shadow draw the viewer in and hint at the rhythm of the journey accompanied by an everchanging horizon.