Be Heard 

Be Heard is an initiative that connects the Beacon Arts Centre and the Inverclyde community.
We strive to be an Arts Centre that serves and welcomes everyone by putting our communities at the beating heart of what we do, the shows we programme, and the creative engagement opportunities we offer.


Beacon Community Ambassadors


Be Heard is in the early stages of development and as part of this we are keen to hear from you – the voice of the local community.

We are creating a group of Beacon Community Ambassadors who will have their voices heard and become part of the development of our Creative Learning Programme.

The Beacon Community Ambassadors group is for anyone aged 14+ who is interested in developing the local community. We want to know how you think The Beacon fits into the community and what participation opportunities you want to see on offer at your local arts centre. So, whether you’ve never stepped foot in the venue or been to see any theatre shows anywhere before or have if you’ve engaged in creative activity, are an avid follower of the arts or want to participate in community arts engagement we want to hear from you!

Could you be one of our Beacon Community Ambassadors?

If you want to know more or are interested in joining the conversation email: or call us on 01475 460262.

Information sessions in Inverclyde

We will be touring local libraries and community hubs with information sessions on the BCA group and how you can get involved. Keep your eye on the website for the list of locations and dates we’ll be in a community hub near you. We’d love to meet you.

Key Dates

Application deadline – 20th December 2019

Successful Ambassadors selected – 8th January 2020

1st Ambassadors meeting, including a back stage tour – 15th January 2020 – Beacon Arts Centre – 5:30pm to 7:30pm

2nd Ambassadors meeting – 29th January 2020 – Beacon Arts Centre – 5:30pm to 7:30pm


Who can be a Beacon Community Ambassador?

Anyone over the age of 14 living in the Inverclyde area who is interested in developing their local community and / or engaging with their local arts centre can be a BCA.

What will I need to do as a Beacon Community Ambassador?

If you become a BCA you will be part of our exciting conversations for 12 months. During this time, we’ll meet up once per month at the Beacon Arts Centre to throw ideas around and discuss potential activities. Don’t worry if you’ll miss the odd one but we do require you to be free to attend the first 2 sessions.

Why be an Ambassador?

This is your opportunity to meet new people, give your confidence a boost, and have your individual voices heard in shaping some exciting activities for your community.

As well as being a valued member of the Beacon Community Ambassadors team you will also get:

A free ticket to see one show per month (for shows where this is possible)

A free backstage tour at our first session

A free tour of the McLean Museum and Art Gallery

Your name on any Beacon show guest list

In the first few months we’ll be working towards planning an Easter Fun Day and BCA’s will be a crucial part of these conversation.

How to apply –

If you would like to become a Beacon Community Ambassador please complete an Expression of Interest form at one of our info sessions, our open forum or email telling us:

your name

your address

your date of birth

your occupation

your contact details and maximum 150 words on why you want to become a BCA

by 20th December 2019.